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  • Maybe you’re overwhelmed at the thought of shopping because
  • Maybe you’ve made significant changes in your life and you’re ready to

What if you could get rid of the stress, the frustration and the oooh so tedious task of deciding what to wear each day?  How confident would feel knowing that you’ve nailed it because you know exactly what suits your style, your body shape and your identity?

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Leanne Mulcahy is the expert in building self-esteem and confidence so you never have to endure dreaded ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ days. Since starting her own clothing design company in 2006, Leanne has mastered the secrets to closing the gap between your identity (who you are) and your image (what you wear) to grow confidence and achieve your dreams. Whether you’re in need of a body confidence refresh or you’re ready for major transformation, Leanne will show you the how-to’s and arm you with the tools to build confidence and uncover a style that is uniquely yours. Find out more here…

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  • Discover the mistake most women make and why it sends them into a spiral of misery, frustration and self-loathing
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  • Shop with confidence and never be a victim to a ‘sale’ every again

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Style Guru, Leanne Mulcahy came to help cleanse me of my wardrobe yesterday, after years and years of being given other peoples cast offs and horrible buying errors, I had a wardrobe full of clothing that didn’t work for me or represent who I was in the slightest. I estimate we threw out 70% of my clothing….for some this would be daunting. I now feel ‘free’ and really alive. Looking in my wardrobe I can only see clothes that I love and am happy to wear. Thank you so much for your help, time and patience Lee. Without you the task would have always felt too huge to tackle alone. Now for some shopping… since you’ve helped me understand what will look good and what to avoid I’m looking forward to that new experience as well. Here’s to creating a wardrobe that will truly represent who I am:) Thank you soooo much xx
Shanelle, Shanelle Ward Interior Design